May 20, 2009

brrrrr..... gotta get winter clothes out pronto !!

Poor babushka was very very cold today.
And so were the twin ducks. It's been so rainy, it rained more today in 24 hours in Brisbane than it has in 8 years. So so cold, and all the damn washing is still wet from yesterday. Urgh. Nevermind. So what was I wearing today? I tried on a new pair of mustard tights with my floral dress, which was followed very speedily with my woolly black jumper. But on a more interesting note is my handbag/bowling bag, which I love heaps more. It was a Vinnies find at Northgate, which has now become a favourite shop for me (I've also just recently bought a cute old brown suitcase there. Very into luggage at present). Op shops always seem to have the most interesting finds. Hope you like my first Watcha Wearing Wednesday blog. Meet me here again on Friday. xo Teneale

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