May 14, 2009

Friday I'm In Love

This Friday my FIIL list has an autumn brown look. Time for a coffee perhaps ?
Cafe mocha soap bar Dennis Anderson $5.25 US on etsy Brown camera coin purse Kaylah7 $9.50 US on etsy
Grandpa's brown hartmann suitcase Happy Day Vintage $50 US on etsy Long black eco market tote Where's Becky Bean $56 US on etsy
Juliet felt badge Anna Laura $16 US on etsy
Cocoa puff shirt Hotelle Motelle $64 US on etsy
Have a good weekend everyone xo Teneale


sophiehillartist said...

I love that tote!

Bec said...

Thanks for including my bag amongst such wonderful company. I really really LOVE that camera coin purse!!

Happy Day Vintage said...

Great finds! Hope you had your coffee. In fact, that reminds me....

Thanks for including our suitcase. We're honored be have been chosen along with these other fantastic finds.

Dana Douglas
Happy Day Vintage