Jun 10, 2009

Bundy visit

Last weekend I went to Bundy with my mum and brother Aidan. My mum was born in Bundaberg, and had her 40th school reunion on Saturday night. We did a bit of reminiscing too, as you do on these sorts of trips. This is the house my mum lived in. My poppy lived there till he died in '93. There's been many changes over the years, but it's still standing. My poppy's brother's house wasn't so fortunate, it's now a Woolworths in Childers (as we found on the way). We also visited Sebby, who is godmother to my mum and my two aunties Donna and Karen (pictured l-r my mum, Sebby, Donna, me). Sebby used to live in the house behind my grandparents house. My mum told me how there was a gate in the fence between them, and mum would always be at Sebby's place reading all their books in the spare room. I've always wanted to learn crochet, and Sebby was very keen to teach me. I didn't get very far in it though, too many crazy words like double crochet and treble crochet for me to remember in a 1/2 hour visit. It's amazing how fast a 92 year old can be. I loved this little brown owl tea cosy she had made. I'll put some more photos of the lovely beach on my blog this Friday. And this Wednesday I am wearing my teddy bear dressing gown and fugly boots. I have such a horrible cold I was sent home from work. Gosh I love winter. Grrr. Goodnight everyone. Teneale xo (aaa- chooo)

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