Jun 18, 2009

Friday I'm In Love with... Graffiti

This Friday I'm in love with graffiti. Not the scribbles you often see on someone's fence, which look more like a drunken autograph than a piece of art. No, I like this type of graffiti.
Punk on wall print, $5 US on etsy Hey Harriet Ministry of silly walks print, $30 on etsy Eyeshoot
You are beautiful poster - $15 US on etsy Nosomosnadazines

Run - graffiti on wood panel, $40 US on etsy The Factory 101

Peace bangle, $25 US on etsy Beebles
Happy Friday everyone !! xo Teneale


Hey Harriet said...

I LOVE that 'ministry of silly walks' print! Thanks so much for including my graffiti photo! I sometimes wonder what the original street artists think about people like me taking photos of their artwork and offering it for sale... Doesn't seem quite right somehow. I don't worry about it so much that I lose any sleep over it ;D xo

Wicked Child Designs said...

If I were the artist I'd feel quite happy I'm sure !

And yeah I love that ministry of walks too :D