Aug 27, 2009

Friday I'm in love with... Funky Fabrics

Yes I know it's now Saturday here in Brisbane. My computer crashed last night after saving this, so I'm hoping all is okay with the world if I put it in on Saturday instead of Friday... On Thursday night I spent two hours in Myer thinking I'd buy a dress. Instead I walked out with a sub woofer alarm clock. Don't get me wrong, I love my purchase. I just get so frustrated wandering around such a huge department store and not finding what I thought to be an easy purchase - a dress. Instead I was given a choice of drab fabrics, unflattering designs, and all at ridiculously huge prices. The only things I saw that weren't too bad were on the 75% off racks, but they would involve lots of resizing, fixing of zips, etc etc. I'm a busy girl, I don't have time this week. So instead of wearing a pretty dress to the park, I shall be wearing jeans, t-shirt and jacket. I think the weather's getting cold again so it's probably not too bad. Next time I choose to wear a dress, however, I plan to make one with material from Funky Fabrics in Brisbane. Have you seen them ? If not, here's a few fabrics I've been eyeing off lately that are so lovely, I could safely say 'Funky Fabrics is my store'.
Frida's Garden Natural $13.95 AUD per 1/2 metre China Doll $13.95 AUD per 1/2 metre
Rocket Rascals
$13.95 AUD per 1/2 metre
I was happy to find patterns from fellow BrisStyle shop Bettsy Kingston in Funky Fabrics too. They are so cute !!
Bettsy Kingston Reversible Snap Pinny Pattern
$15.95 AUD
What's on tonight ?
Can't wait to check out Michelle's new store - Nook. Lots of handmade goodness and delights. Oh and of course Michelle will be there too :D How she can manage this and her own store Pedrosprout is amazing. xo Teneale

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Nosovich said...

I know what you mean Teneale. I went looking for a dress in the city on Saturday and came home empty handed! Once the RRSP and BiDM markets are over I am going to make myself some. Not an easy task, however whatever is produced has got to be better than what's on offer at Myer!