Sep 9, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

One of these days, I will put in a post on a different day.  Yes I will.  The days seem to fly so quickly lately, it's like it's Friday everyday. Wouldn't that be lovely though?! 

This Friday I am super in love with Moose and Bird. In fact I have been for a long time. It just takes me a little while to process these thoughts out loud.

Moose and Bird is run by the talented little lady Melinda Hume.  She makes the cutest pear cushions, like the one pictured below. 

Moose and Bird

Melinda creates lots of other pretty items too, like patchwork pillows, pincushions, and fabric dolls.

Moose and Bird

Moose and Bird

Moose and Bird

You can find us both this Saturday and Sunday at the Valley Laneway Markets in Bakery Lane from 10am till 4pm.  See you then !

Teneale x

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Little Ted Canvas said...

All gorgeous! I do love Melinda's pretty creations..