Feb 4, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

Oh, hello Friday. You have come round quickly for once which is very nice.

Today I'm in love with lots of things.  So many I've decided to make a list.  I think I'll do this for Fridays from now on.

1.  Nutella. You can have it on bread, toast, biscuits - heck, even on it's own. People around the world love it so much that tomorrow is World Nutella Day.  It's also National Chocolate Fondue Day. So hit two birds with the one stone and dip strawberries in that Nutella jar.

2.  Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter to me in the car. Driving to work will never be the same again thanks to audio books.

3.  Lullaby by The Cure, and Robert Smith's story about being eaten by Spiderman. Love it.

4.  These cups from Emerald Flare are pretty damn cute.

5.  Going to the beach with my lovely husband Tim (pictured above).

Happy Friday everyone!

Teneale x


REread said...

world nutella day? serious?

Thea said...

Is that Tim? I thought you were hanging out with a cowboy. Have a great weekend. x