Apr 8, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

Hello Friday. I love you. Just like I love these few things.

1.  Chocolate hot cross buns. Holy shit yes. As if hot cross buns weren't scrummy enough, someone decided to put chocolate inside them. I found some in the local supermarket the other night, and decided I have to make some very soon as I like them very much. I'm going to try this recipe out very soon and throw a truckload of chocolate bits in it.

2.  I love this Massive Attack filmclip for Teardrop. An oldie, but lovely and calming.

3.  People that know Tim and I well will know we like our gin.  This tea towel by Dear Colleen is perfect for our kitchen.

4.  A very good friend of mine made me a delightful scarf. And arm warmers. They are very pretty and warm. She's in the process of opening up an Etsy store, I'll give more details (and photos) soon!


ps photo above courtesy of taste.com

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