Jun 25, 2011

Let's Go Shopping

I'm going to be starting uni next month. Studying Bachelor of Information Studies (external) so I can be a librarian, and will then do a teaching degree so I'm a Teacher Librarian. Yeah, pretty full on.

Anyhoo, this week I'm choosing library related items for Let's Go Shopping on my blog.  Items I would love to have. Yep.

Nan Lawson

Vintage 50s Eyewear

The Black Spot Books

Ruby Red Studios

Do you have a blog? Would you like to join in the Let's Go Shopping fun?  Share your favourite items with the BrisStyle page over here.

Teneale x


Hot Fudge said...

Best of luck with your studies Teneale. I know you will make an excellent librarian.

Raine and Sage said...

I love your choice of vocation. I still remember my librarian as a child reading 'Going On A Bear Hunt', and teaching us to respect books, their spines and pages. To give somebody the gift of enjoying to read; what a great profession!

That first print fabulous!

Krystle x said...

That is so up your alley and wow i didn't realise how much you have to do to become one!! ha Good luck Miss T xx