Aug 24, 2008

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

This is one of my latest crazy creations on Etsy - a Kevin Rudd soft toy. Not entirely wicked (at least we hope not, he's the prime minister), but thought he'd be fun and different to do.
Here's my details on Etsy for him :
'Have you ever wanted to sit next to the Prime Minister of Australia and discuss world topics while eating breakfast? Well now you can, just be careful with that vegemite toast. He is wearing his best white shirt after all.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has a big button on his pants, so probably not best for young children. He can be handwashed in cold water with your regular washing detergent. Do not put him in the tumble dryer, please only dry on the clothes line as plastic labelling may melt and felt may shrink.'
If you would like to see him on Etsy :


Twinkle Star Art said...

If only Kevin Rudd was that cute in real life! It would be so funny if you could make him giggle like they impersonate on ROVE. That would be very entertaining for both child and parent. Your softies are so cute and funny! :) Amanda

Taccolina said...

Love those glasses...