Dec 2, 2008

BrisStyle Xmas Bash

I've been a little overwhelmed with work lately, and I'm finally able to show off what I received at our BrisStyle Xmas Bash on the 22 November. My Secret Santa was Amanda from Twinkle Star Art, and she has made me the cutest writing set - all designed for me !! We had to say what we liked, mine being cats and cupcakes, and I am so happy with the set I'm too afraid to open it - it just looks so pretty !!

Thank you so much Amanda !! Twinkle Star Art can be found at and

I was secret Santa to Bel at Embellish (, and made her a Belly Burping Belinda. Hope she's behaving Bel !!

Will be back again soon with more news and giveaways. Meet me at the BrisStyle Xmas Market in Hamilton Hall 13/12/08 !! Teneale

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