Mar 25, 2010

friday i'm in love

I'm a regular Meet Me at Mikes blog follower, and loved her 'five faves' idea, so thought I'd join in this Friday with it.  So here goes.

1.  Meet Me At Mikes - with their super cute craft ideas and inspiration.

2. Thea and Sami - awesome printed fabrics and great to deal with. Check out Thea's blog for Open Day news too.  Screenprinting is heaps of fun, and it's great to watch the pro's in action.

3.  Nook.  Very lovely shop at West End filled with handmade goods, and run by the lovely Michelle. Check it out. Now. And you may find some softies from Where the Wild Things Are in her window too by yours truly.

4.  Lemon butter. Seriously addicted to the stuff.  I have made it so many times you're probably sick to death of me talking about it. But it is so lovely on banana bread, or even just plain toast. Or biscuits. If you'd like to make some, I use this recipe I found on Natalie's blog Realisation Creations. Another Duster that makes lots of lovely jewellery - check it out here.

5.  Facebook.  Another thing I'm seriously addicted to. It's so handy for keeping in touch with friends and family. Oh and you can find us here on Facebook too if you're into it.

If you'd like to join in with the Five Faves, click here.

xo Teneale


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