Apr 8, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

My five favourites this week:

1.  Family and friends. I love them all to bits. And since my last post my dad has turned 60, and my mum 21 again. Happy happy birthday mum and dad xoxo.

2.  Gin and icy cold lemonade. Very nice. Especially when my husband and I scrubbed down every inch of mould on our back deck. It made it all better.

3.  Op shopping.  I have found the best fabrics lately when sifting through Vinnies and Lifeline stores.  All they need is a good wash with some Napisan, plus the money spent goes right back to the community.  I've found lots of cute little ceramic owls there too, will post a photo later in Flickr.

4.  Globe Theatre.  My longtime friend Kristian runs really cool movies there,  like Sixteen Candles which we saw last night. They also play Rocky Horror, which includes Kristian's Cards For Sorrow floorshow group. Highly entertaining.

5.  Martha Goes Green.  This cookbook has changed me.  I've got millions of cookbooks in my kitchen, but none of them have been used more than this one.  I highly recommend the chickpea couscous salad, and serving it with a slice of fried haloumi.  And that gin and lemonade too. Mmmm.

Have a happy Friday everyone.
xo Teneale



Anonymous said...

Oh would love to see your finds from your op shopping trip and where do you go??
Chicuff & Brissy Op Shops

Hot Fudge said...

I see your mother is the same age as me - what a coincidence!

Have a great weekend.


Wicked Child Designs said...

Hey Daneve !!

My blog is having picture issues at the moment. Hope to have some pics up at some stage on weekend.

See you at next Brisstyle market, if not sooner.