Sep 20, 2010

Meat-free Monday

I'm not a huge meat fan. I used to eat meat, yes, but for about a year now I've kinda gone off it. I've started to cook more vegetarian meals lately, which is difficult when you have a husband that prefers his meal still, well, mooing.

Mr Wicked was very happy tonight. Bean nachos was on the menu, his favourite, from the cookbook Martha Goes Green. We added corn to it, which is really nice, but a little too much chilli....  Still, it was very yum. Mr Wicked has lunch tomorrow now too.

Teneale x


Jetta's Nest said...

I'd like to get this book. I've seen you mention it before and was interested because like you, I've kind of gone off meat in the last year. It's a funny thing cos my boys (Mr Jetta's Nest included) like their meat but they've started loving legumes too!!

Teneale said...

Really? Gosh, must be something in the air :)

I totally stupidly forgot to put a linky on for Martha Goes Green. I'll add it now so you can find all the people who supply it. I think Nook may have some more copies too, not sure.

And it is an awesome book. Tim literally jumps up and down with glee when we have bean nachos, and he loves the guacamole too.

Teneale x