Oct 20, 2010

Hey there. It's been a while...

Hello lovelies!

I'd say possums, but I've had a few too many close encounters with real possums this week that the term possum here brings back bad memories. Yes they're cute, but they totally freak me out! Not to mention my poor budgie when they jump on his cage.  We shall have to investigate how to keep our crazy intruders away safely before we go mental.

Mr Wicked and I have had a lovely holiday from work, and are now back in business. We actually went to Taipei, which was awesome fun. We're thinking our next trip shall have to be Japan. Or maybe Sweden. Or both :)

Anyways, I better get back into my sewing. I am making lots of scary zombies at present (hey it's almost Halloween!) and finger puppets. And finishing off lots of custom orders for you cool peeps.

Oh and before I forget, our next market is this Saturday 23rd October at St Margaret's Anglican Girls School in Ascot. It's the Mayo 2010 Arts Festival, and we're there from 10am till 5pm.

Teneale x


Chrissy Foreman C said...

Hope you have a gret time at the markets hon!

I was gonna come along, then I realsied, hey, I ain't doin' that on me birfday!

Look forward to seeing your finger puppets!

C xx

Teneale said...

Happy birthday Chrissy! xox