Jan 18, 2011

Love you Queensland.

Queensland has been devastated by massive floods this year. Floods we haven't seen since 1974.  Over 200,000 people have been affected.  At least 70 towns were flooded.  Three quarters of the state was declared a disaster zone.

Yet even in these hard times, when all seems lost, there still appears some hope for those affected.  Please help out where you can so we can make this state beautiful again.

BrisStyle's Handmade Ark

Etsy.com's Brisbane team BrisStyle are donating money from sales
to the Premier's QLD Flood Relief Appeal.

Volunteering QLD

Become a volunteer and help out with whatever skills you have.

Baked Relief

Provide some food and drink to flood affected communities
busy cleaning up in the QLD heat.


The RSPCA shelter at Fairfield was badly hit too.   
Any donations and help would be greatly appreciated.

Goodnight everyone, and hope you're all ok wherever you are.    Teneale x

ps. The tricycle photo above was found here http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/gallery-e6frer9f-1225987588708.  It shows just how high the flood waters got to in Goodna, QLD.


Raine and Sage said...

What an unreal shot, and I mean that literally. It's wonderful to see the true character and depth of spirit people have shown in helping and fundraising. Restores faith in humanity!

Krystle x said...

This disaster has been a display of the true Australian spirit and has definately restored our faith in humanity. Everyone has put in a real good effort and it's so lovely to see that we will all do anything to help out one another <3