Mar 3, 2011

Eddie Izzard

A few weeks ago I mentioned British comedian Eddie Izzard on my blog, and that I was making an Eddie Izzard softie.  Well, I've finished, and he's now in my Etsy store here.   What do you think of him?  Do you like Eddie Izzard too?

If you have no idea who I'm talking about, I've added a clip below for you to enjoy.  Have a laugh.

Teneale x


Once I Was said...

Awesome!! Love it :) Are you at S.R. this weekend?? :)

Wicked Child Designs said...

Thank you!! And no I haven't signed up (I'm guessing you're talking about Suitcase Rummage?). Might try it next month as they are pretty awesome to visit. And good luck if you're at it! x