Mar 3, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

Hello again! It's Friday once more, and these are a few things I really loved this week.

1.  Mel Buttle.  We saw her show Buttle and Buttle on Tuesday night at the Brisbane Powerhouse, and it was excellent.  If you like Judith Lucy, you'll love Mel Buttle.  She'll be on until March 13th.  Go book a seat now.  Yes, now.

2.  I love nerds, craft and Autumn. This doll completes me. Lots more lovely, cute dolls, brooches and other cool things too in Cat Rabbit.

3.  Kristian Fletcher's scary movie nights. We went to the Horror Triple Feature at The Globe last Sunday night (Carrie, Child's Play and Night of the Living Dead) and it was awesome.  His next scary movie event is at Tribal Theatre with Evil Dead and Fright Night Thursday 31/03. The Rocky Horror Picture Show nights are a must see too, with his group Cards For Sorrow re-enacting the show while the movie plays.

4.  This Triple J Like A Version cover of 99 Problems by Philadelphia Grand Jury put me in a happy mood this week. Thank you, and thank you Triple J.  Could contain bad words, so be careful.

5.  These sleeper cells by Suzanne Husky are very nice.  They remind me of the huts in Where The Wild Things Are.

Happy Friday everyone!

Teneale x

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