Jul 22, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

I introduced my brother to James Dean with one of my favourite films this week - Rebel Without A Cause. An absolute classic with more emotional teenage angst in it than all of Nirvana's songs combined.

After watching it, I starting thinking I'd really like to make a James Dean softie. And a Natalie Wood.  And a Rock Hudson. They can have some crazy little 1950's style reunion in our living room.

I best switch my brain off now and get some shut eye.  I'm zooming over to Hamilton in the morning for the next BrisStyle Info Session on Smart Marketing with Sarah Rossiter. Should be awesome.  I'll keep you posted on the James Dean softie.


Teneale x


Krystle x said...

That's a fab idea Teneale, you should give them nerdy 50's style hair do's aswell!
I haven't seen the movie but it sounds interesting

lauren carney said...

James Dean is Boss.
all the actors from that generation are fabulous!
Casablanca is an old time fave. or anything with John Wayne in it! hah x