Jul 29, 2011

Let's Go Shopping

 Purple Peony

Mademoiselle Chipotte

Supply Girls



This week my husband and I realised we've been together for 13 years. I found that quite amazing, and thought I'd do a post to celebrate with the number 13.

Our first proper date was on Tuesday 28 July 1998, and we saw City Of Angels at the Regent Cinema in Brisbane.  We were going to go on the Sunday night, but getting there seemed a logistical nightmare with Clarks buses and trains getting a Logan girl and a Jindalee boy into the city. So we changed it to Tuesday and my friend Linda came over instead, and I called Tim constantly in a very tipsy state all night.

The Regent is sadly being demolished this year to make way for yet another high-rise office tower.

The Regent in 1929.

 The Regent in more recent years.

Best get back to my studying and crafting now. Love ya Tim.

Teneale x

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littlechrissy said...

Aw bless! Congrats you two love birds.