Aug 5, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

I like cats. Almost as much as Lee Junghoon does. I follow this person on Instagram, and the photos that keep coming through keep me amused.

I've been a little quiet on the sewing table lately trying to finish some uni assignments. But here's something I'm working on - brooches.

I'll have some Einstein brooches at the Valley Laneway Markets tomorrow. And the Young Designer Markets at Southbank on Sunday. Come get one, and stick some brains on your collar. Yay.

Goodnight lovelies.

Teneale x


Jaz said...

Love your brains on your collar :)

picklebug said...

Haha those cats remind me of my mum's new tonkinese kitten - she was doing backflips and somersaults earlier today trying to get a ball of wool. So cute!
Rach x

Emmaline said...

Those cats are super cute! I have a great big curly haired la perm, that i take for walks in the park, we get a few double takes, but he loves it!