Aug 1, 2011

Tuesday Trivia

Gosh it's Tuesday again. Let's get stuck into some rip roaring trivia fun folks.

This week's quiz involves two parts - I want you to name the book this is from, and the author:

''I am only eight years old', I told myself. 'No little boy of eight has ever murdered anyone. It's not possible.''

This was written by my favourite author of all time, and this is quite possibly my favourite book. Ok, that's all the hints you get. Fire away boys and girls. Go shout yourself a peppermint Freddo if you got it right.

Teneale x


Eliza said...

but if we post the answer - then no one else will have to answer... So I won't.


Wicked Child Designs said...

Good thinking Eliza. Go have a Freddo x