Jan 6, 2010

Whatcha Wearin Wednesday

Happy New Year !! Hope everyone had a nice holiday and spent plenty of time with friends and family. We had a lovely holiday, even though I had a very silly fall down some stairs (and no it wasn't alcohol related). My left leg is still very swollen, so this WWW I'm wearing my fave mustard tights to make it less ugly. I've promised myself another holiday in the next couple of months. My new years resolutions : * Have more holidays * Spend more time with those that I love * Eat more chocolate * Cook more cakes and yummy things * Continue to buy handmade, and also make more items myself * Attend more markets * Take some time out Better get myself to bed. xo Teneale


Twinkle Star Art said...

I love your New Year's resolutions. I might pinch a couple of those.

Happy New Year Teneale, hope you have a fantastic 2010! xo Amanda

Hot Fudge said...

Ooo ... I hope your poor sore leg is recovering Teneale. Just as well I don't participate in Watcha Wearin Wednesday, because I was in the car travelling from an overnight stop at Armidale, wearing pants that stood up on their own and a crumpled t-shirt. Hisself wasn't much better, but we snuck home with only one friend spying us.

Have a very happy New Year.

jenny said...

Hey very nice skirt and enjoying the holidays as free lancer for work. Thanks for sharing your idea to us.

m.e (Cathie) said...

as long as there is chocolate amongst your resolutions then it's gonna be fine :)