Jul 31, 2010

BrisStyle Twilight Market

Thank you everyone who came to King George Square on Friday night to visit Wicked Child Designs and the rest of the BrisStyle gang. You totally rock.

The night flew so quickly, we barely got a chance to leave the stall. I did manage to pick up some wicked iced coffees from the cafe not too far away from us. Oh and I took this really bad shot of my stall. Way to go me. Oh well, at least it gives you an idea of what the stall was like if for some reason you didn't make it in there.

We're not at Young Designer's Market today, but we will be at the Valley Laneway Markets on the 8th of August.  Looking forward to it. Should be super fun.
Back to the sewing machine I go.

Teneale x


REread said...

I stole you pic! (see my blog) ... see you next marky market!!

shelleyberelli said...

Me too : )

I think your stall looked great. How did Bella, Edward and Jacob go down with the punters?

Teneale said...

The Twilight gang got some laughs which is cool. An awesome customer from Clayfield has now got an Edward and Bella too. I'll be putting up some more on Etsy this week.

And totally ok Hayley ! I'll wander over shortly :)