Aug 6, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

This week I'm in love with Jetta's Nest, run by funky BrisStyler Sam Gilkes.

Sam turns old pieces of timber into brooches with her own original designs such as mushrooms pears and guitars.  She cuts each buy hand using  camphor laurel and pecan timber, then draws her design onto the timber.

Sam also makes monster shirts, crocheted buttonhead brooches, and art prints.  I've purchased a couple of monster shirts for two monsters I know, and can't wait to give them their present.

Come check out the Valley Laneway Markets this Sunday to see more of Sam's work.  She'll be in Bakery Lane, and Wicked Child Designs will be in Winn Lane.  There's a map below for your convenience.

See you all Sunday.

Teneale x

1 comment:

Jetta's Nest said...

Teneale, this is really sweet. Thanks so much! I hope your monsters like their monsters!!